Prospect Day

Prospect Day

Prospect Day is a required step in the application process. This is NOT an information session. Prospect Day allows each applicant the ability to complete multiple steps of the application process in one day without having to make separate trips to the department. Please register for MPD Prospect Day by completing an interest card here.

Note: Prior to attending Prospect Day, you must complete the Prospect Day Preparation Packet and bring it with you to Prospect Day. 


At MPD, recruitment is one of the most important things we do. That’s why we created MPD Prospect Day to streamline the hiring process. We want to move quickly and thoroughly to get to know our candidates and decide who will be the best fit with MPD, not unnecessarily prolong the process with paperwork, exams, and multiple meetings.


Here’s what you can expect by attending Prospect Day:

  • You will be fingerprinted as part of the MPD’s criminal history check to determine eligibility.
  • You will meet with a background investigator for a preliminary review of your background.
  • You will take the written NTN exam for FREE (the testing fee is covered by MPD).
  • During the Physical Ability Test, you will run through a timed obstacle course to test your ability to perform physical tasks that are essential to carrying out the duties and responsibilities of a police officer.
  • Upon arrival, you must present your completed MPD Prospect Day Preparation Packet, which will be reviewed at your applicant screening (the link to the booklet can also be found in your MPD Prospect Day confirmation email).
  • You are encouraged to bring your lunch to prospect day.

  • location_onLOCATION & PARKING

    Please arrive at the Metropolitan Police Academy no later than 30 minutes prior to the start time of Prospect Day on the date you are registered for.  After registering for Prospect Day, you will receive an email confirmation with your event details including start time and parking instructions. Please retain this email for your records.

    Academy Address:

    The Metropolitan Police Academy (Annex Building)
    4665 Blue Plains Drive, SW
    Washington, DC 20032

    The gate to the Metropolitan Police Academy opens one hour before your Prospect Day event start time. Upon arrival on the premises, an officer will direct you to the appropriate location to park. Parking is available nearby.

    Parking Address:

    The Potomac Job Corps 
    1060 Blue Plains Drive, SW
    Washington, DC 20032 

    *There is no cost for parking. Please allow time to arrive as traffic conditions often vary.


  • groupATTIRE

    Please come dressed for the PAT and keep the following in mind in preparation:

    • You must wear sneakers or some other type of shoe with soft soles so that you do not slip and can run properly on a gymnasium floor.
    • It is recommended that you do not wear any jewelry.
    • You will not be permitted to wear gloves, scarves or any type of accessories during the PAT.
    • Formal attire is not necessary, and applicants do not need to change during the event.
  • event SCHEDULE

    At the start of Prospect Day, applicants will be divided into groups and complete various stations including:

    • Physical Ability Test
    • Document Screening
    • Fingerprinting and Photograph
    • All candidates will also take the NTN exam

    National Testing Network FrontLine National Written Exam:

    As a part of the application process, each applicant must take and pass the National Testing Network FrontLine National Written Exam.

    There are three testing components:

    • Video-Based Human Relations and Judgment Exam
    • Report Writing and Multiple-Choice Writing Test
    • Multiple-Choice Reading Test

    Although applicants receive a percentage score, both the reading ability test and the writing ability test are scored on a pass/fail basis.

    Successful applicants must pass both the reading ability and writing ability tests. Successful applicants must also acquire a passing test score on the video-based multiple-choice test in order to move forward in the selection process and should expect to test for approximately three hours.

    The cost of the examination is covered by MPD.

    MPD’s written examination is offered through the National Testing Network at testing centers locally and around the country, and the National Testing Network FrontLine National Written Exam is offered at each MPD Prospect Day.

    NOTE: Candidates who have previously taken the FrontLine National Written Exam, within one year, at any testing location are exempt from retaking the examination on MPD Prospect Day.

    Candidates who complete all components of MPD Prospect Day and their written examination are advanced to complete the Polygraph and Medical/Psychological examination. We are hiring 30 officers each month and those who successfully complete MPD Prospect Day have a strong chance of earning employment with our Department.


    During MPD Prospect Day, applicants will meet with an investigator to discuss their MPD Prospect Day Preparation Packet.

    A thorough background check is conducted on all entry-level officer applications. As a part of the background check, it is required applicants bring in specific documents.

    During the interview with the investigator, you will discuss many aspects of your background. Many applicants are hesitant to reveal information that they fear may disqualify them from employment. Keep in mind that many minor violations are not automatic disqualifiers to appointment. However, failure to provide truthful, accurate and complete information will disqualify an applicant from employment.


    When you check-in, you will be asked to provide the following required documents:

    • Proof of Citizenship:
      1. Birth Certificate; AND/OR
      2. Certificate of Naturalization (if applicable).
    • Proof of Qualification:
      1. College Degree and Transcript (proof of 60 college credits) [unofficial transcripts are permissible]; 
      2. DD214 (if applicable); OR
      3. Employment records for prior full-service law enforcement employment.
    • A Valid Driver’s License.
    • Completed MPD Prospect Day Preparation Packet.
    • You are also required to bring with you:
      1. A black pen; AND
      2. Originals of all required documents.


    While the following documents are not required to attend your MPD Prospect Day, they are still necessary and will be collected later in the process:

    • Resume (if applicable).
    • Driving Record (obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state where you hold a license).
    • Picture Identification (State ID/Driver’s License, passport, etc.).
    • Social Security Card.
    • Citizenship Documents (Naturalization paperwork or US Passport).
    • Marital Status Documents (Marriage License, Divorce Decree, etc.).
    • Military Status Documents (DD-214 or Selective Service Registration).
    • Unemployment Records.
    • Welfare Payment Records.
    • Court Orders (judgments, liens, bankruptcy, expungement records, separation order, child support orders, etc.).
    • TANF/Public Assistance Records.
    • Last two employment performance ratings (if applicable).

Watch these videos to learn more about MPD Prospect Day and our PAT exam. We look forward to meeting you!