Chaplain Corps


Every day, police officers are faced with difficult decisions, some of which can be traumatic or life-altering. In the event such unfortunate instances occur, it is imperative that our officers know they have someone they can speak to who fully understands their circumstances and the struggle they may be facing, while also remaining emotionally detached enough so as to offer proper guidance and comfort.

The MPD has a long-standing Chaplain Corps to offer assistance, empathy and compassion to its members. To better support our members, MPD is currently recruiting leaders of all faiths and denominations to serve as volunteer police chaplains.  All who meet the eligibility criteria are welcome to apply.

Chaplain Corps members respond to critical incidents, provide counsel to the MPD members who request their service, visit the MPD members who are sick or injured either at home or in the hospital, attend the funerals of active and retired members, participate in Department events and community outreach, and present formal lectures as requested.

Qualifications for appointment as a chaplain include:

  • Be an ordained member of the clergy in good standing for at least five years and be endorsed for chaplaincy by a recognized religious denomination.
  • Show forth compassion, understanding, and love and easily relate to others.
  • Maintain high spiritual and moral standards.
  • Be willing and available to respond to any situation where a chaplain’s presence is needed and requested.
  • Maintain confidentiality unless an officer discusses a crime that he/she has committed or they a danger to themselves or others.
  • Never been convicted of a criminal offense involving moral turpitude.
  • Current sworn members of MPD are not eligible to serve as a Chaplain.

We are not currently accepting applications at this time. If you have questions about the Chaplain Corps or want to learn more, please email [email protected]