Military to MPD


Calling All Heroes: Transition into a New Mission with MPD 

Are you a military veteran ready for the next chapter in your life? The DC Police Department welcomes you. Your service doesn't have to end – it can evolve. Join the DC Police Department and start your new mission.  

Apply now and continue making a difference. 

Here's why joining MPD is the perfect way to continue your journey of service: 

Early Start to a New Mission 

At MPD, we understand the importance of seamless transitions. That's why candidates can start the hiring process six months prior to separating from active-duty military service.  

Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits  

We recognize the sacrifices made during military service. As an MPD recruit, you may be eligible for a housing allowance during your time at the police academy.   

Recognition for Military Service 

Your active-duty military service doesn't go unnoticed at MPD. Veterans have the option to purchase retention of credit for their military service, applied directly to your MPD retirement. It's just one way we honor your commitment and value the experience you bring to the force. 

Support for Reserve Duties 

Balancing your military obligations and police duties is crucial. MPD members are granted 15 days of paid military leave, ensuring you can fulfill active reserve duties or drill commitments without sacrificing your career. 

Seamless Health Benefits 

Choose MPD, and we've got your back – even when you're called to active military service with the National Guard or Reserves. You have the option to continue your health benefits with MPD, provided you maintain your insurance premium payments. We prioritize your well-being, no matter where duty calls. 

Embracing Diversity: Disabled Veterans Encouraged to Apply

MPD believes in the strength of diversity. Disabled veterans are able to apply. Your unique perspective and experiences enrich our force, creating a more inclusive and resilient community overall. 


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